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With a clear objective, coaching is the best way to invest in an individual’s development.  Focused, intense and meaningful, the results are often profound.


As a coach, we will guide, challenge and question clients to deepen their understanding of themselves and where they are, whilst encouraging them to think differently, in order for them to commit to action in achieving success. 


A typical coaching programme will involve between 4 – 6 sessions, often with a “pre” and “post” meeting with the sponsor/line manager.  Significant time is spent defining what the objectives of the coaching are before the journey begins. What does this look like?  Who knows? We've never had 2 coaching sessions that are even remotely similar.  It all depends on the need and objective of who is being coached.  It’s a unique individual and bespoke development experience.


Coaching is aimed at individual development rather than organisational objectives. Our aim is that coaching sessions ensure individuals commit to carrying out positive actions in a way that is right for them.  Through their journey of self-discovery, they explore options and engage in the best way to deliver for them.  This way they commit to it because it’s their own ideas and solutions that will enable success.




By focusing the attention on coaching we can help to reduce the interference (the negative devil on our shoulder, providing barriers) and enable enhanced performance. 

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