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Have you recently hired a new Executive level Talent? Or promoted someone into a Senior Leadership role? TANDEM can help you prepare them for success from Day 1


Rob is a coach who has a track record working with executives ensuring their smooth transition into organisations.

Rob has partnered with Managing Directors, General Managers, Creative Directors, Lawyers, Commercial Managers, HR Leaders, Product Managers, IT Specialists and more, and is adept at increasing employee effectiveness and engagement during the crucial onboarding & integration period.


 Here's what he has to say about our onboarding executive level talent...


"Finding great senior talent is time-consuming, costly and often visible to the market. Organisations typically don't have a standard, or structured, approach to onboarding this level of employee and so they often experience little or no micro support in the intial term. This is risky on many levels - financial loss, the reputation of both the individual and the organisation, impact on the market and the existing team.


A strategic approach to onboarding ensures the success and retention of new hires, accelerating their integration into their new role and business. It shows that the organisation is wholly invested in the success of the new hire and even more importantly, candidates love it!" 

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