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Management away days, team building, creative workshops, strategy formulation. Whatever you need, the advantages of having an external facilitator are numerous:

  • An independent presence to help banish bias and “group-think” 

  • It drives groups into action by challenging and feeding back on unhelpful “noise” in the room, steering you to where the real issues are.

  • Keeping to an agenda is a massive problem with group meetings/discussions – with a clear agenda and objectives, you can achieve exactly what you set out to achieve


As an experienced facilitator, from teams of sales advisors to executive leadership teams, we can help with the following:

  • Strategy Development

  • Project Planning

  • Idea Generation

  • Team Building

  • Problem Solving

  • Action Planning

  • Assessment and Development Centres


Whatever your needs we will design a bespoke framework for your day ensuring you achieve exactly what you set out to achieve.

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