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It is a question that continues to generate an interesting debate.


We believe that there's a Leader in all of us. It might be a charismatic ambassador, an influential high achiever, an introverted intellect or a rational strategist. We believe it is important to challenge the stereotypical view of 'Leaders'.


Our approach is about helping people to realise what their natural style is, encouraging them to use this to the best of their ability and to adapt it when necessary for certain situations. This can be done with the help of psychometric tools, 360 feedback, workshops and coaching.


Of course, there are skills that are needed for every leader which can be taught, such as:

  • Influencing Skills

  • Managing Time

  • Strategic and Visionary Thinking

  • People Development Skills

  • Resilience

  • Relationship Management

  • Innovation


Developing Leadership requires an understanding of what your organisation requires from its Leaders, what the business challenges ahead will be and an evaluation of the current level of leadership capability. With this information, TANDEM can design a specific tailor-made programme that is unique to your organisation.

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