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Any kind of development is an investment.  Time and money.  And both can feel quite scarce sometimes.


TANDEM Sprints address these shortages. All our sessions can fit nicely into an already busy working day and with up to 20 delegates per session, you're getting the best value for money. They're fast, practical, interactive and fun.  Delegates leave feeling energised with multiple tactics that are ready to employ immediately back at work. TANDEM can facilitate these sessions for you, or alternatively, you can purchase the material from us for your in-house teams to deliver.


More information about the topics covered can be found below - or click here to download our brochure.




Using the MBTI Tool (Myers Briggs), you will gain valuable insights into why you behave the way you do. Find out how to operate effectively using your natural strengths and what happens when you're not at your best - or perhaps stressed. 


Self-awareness is the key to all development, and this workshop can accelerate the discovery process.

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